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Welcome to the Oceanography Center (OC), the first research unit of the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, which was founded in October of 2010 with an ambitious goal: the development of marine research focusing on the Eastern Mediterranean.
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Glider "Pheidippides" after recovery from the Fram Strait in the Northern Atlantic (near Ny Aalesund, Svalbard) on 25 September 2020. Special thanks to the French Polar Institute who recovered it from left to right in photo: Lisa Spotowitz, Lucas Blijdorp, Bettina Haupt,
Dagmara Wojtanowicz and Observatory Engineer/photographer Sandra Grassl. This mission was carried out in cooperation with the Principal Investigator Marie-Noelle Houssais of Sorbonne University. For more information contact [email protected] or see https://t.co/HIMeeORGAl?amp=1.



Σε νέο ερευνητικό πρόγραμμα συμμετέχει το Ωκεανογραφικό Κέντρο