This Section handles all matters related to the planning and development of University buildings/facilities. This Section has been subdivided into two offices: the Planning and Programming Office, and the Design Office.
The Planning and Programming Office is responsible for:
  • Update / Implementation of Campus Master Plan
  • Update / Revision of Developmental Building Program
  • Preparation of Building Briefs / Building Programmes
  • Preparation of Competition Documents / Architectural Competitions
  • Time Planning of Projects
  • Budgeting / Project Pre-estimates
  • Follow-up of Academic Growth per Faculty
  • Follow-up on Environmental issues
  • Alternative Methods of Project Procurement
  • Technical Services Web page
  • Promotion of Technical Services Projects


The Design Office is responsible for:
  • overall design of University buildings, including architectural, electrical, mechanical, etc.
  • internal structures
  • coordination /evaluation of exernal studies
  • equipment/operating needs for building facilities
  • contracts, etc. with private consultants
  • draftings/drawings archives
  • materials /supplies archives
  • codification of all facilities
  • Technical Services Web page