The Project Learning Resource Centre – Library "Stelios Ioannou" was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and aims to create an information core to strengthen research and innovation infrastructures, accessible to both students and researchers of the University Community and the wider scientific community of Cyprus.
Europian Union Republic of Cyprus Structural Funds University of Cyprus
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The Information Centre - Library 'Stelios Ioannou' is the result of a special design and careful planning and in depth study of the University of Cyprus academic needs and physical environment.
This project is becoming possible due to a major donation of € 8.000.000 from Mrs Elli St. Ioannou, in memory of her late husband Stelios Ioannou. Following the benefactor's request the design of the project was assigned to the renowned French architect Jean Nouvel.
Due to its particular architectural character the project is expected to become a landmark which will transcend Cyprus boundaries and will place Cyprus on the world map of architecture.
The building will house 1 million printed volumes, over 30,000 electronic journal titles and 150 databases. All information will be accessible throughout the scientific community of Cyprus. It will also provide approximately 900 study seats that will be equipped with modern technology.
The Information Centre - Library 'Stelios Ioannou' – will become the roof and central core of knowledge - with advanced aesthetics at the heart of the campus, employing latest technology in order to support and serve the future 10,000 students, the entire research and academic community of Cyprus and society in general.