The Group of Legal Education of the University of Cyprus has been established as to communicate the main purposes, principles and functions of the legal science to both law students as well as the broader students' community of UCY. As its main goal, the Group aims to the promotion and consolidation of legal knowledge through the conduct of seminars, lectures and workshops concerning national, European and International Law.
Keywords: legal group, law, international, European, Cyprus, justice, students, university community, University of Cyprus
Board of Directors Legal Group Cyprus University 2015-2016
1. President, Vassilis Antoniou
2. A Vice-President, Anna-Maria Modestou
3. Β Vice-President, Constantinos Tsioutras
4. C Vice-President, Maria Stamata
5. Cashier, Despina Metontiev Ivanov
6. Organizing Secretary, Ioanna Tzagkaraki
7. Secretary, Kyriakos Tikkas
8. Member, Alexandros Gioumouksouzis
9. Member, Charis Georgiades
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