Who We Are:
The Cyprus computer science club, is one of the most active clubs for the last couple of years. It has been morphologically advanced and has done its action clear. Its action, in particular, is composed of 3 parts at the moment:
  • Non-Formal Education
    Offers a series of lectures or laboratory education, from which the participants can receive important knowledge for different kinds of subjects that the university does not offer and at the same time can receive a certificate from the club or a formal certificate from the Cyprus Computer Society for the enrichment of their CV.
  • Computer Science Competitions
    Promotion of the participation of the members with creation of groups in local or international competitions, relevant with Computer Science.
  • eSports: Electronic Sports Days
    Organizing Electronic Sports Days in corporation with big organizations and companies, local or international, for the promotion of eSports in Cyprus. Examples of eSports are League of Legends, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Call of Duty, CS Go etc. The events are open to all of the Cypriot territory with great gifts to the winners.
The Club has created close cooperation with big organizations in Cyprus for the coverage and support of all the parts of its action. In the part of Non-Formal Education and Computer Science Competitions is the Cyprus Computer Society (CCS), and on the other hand, in the part of eSports is the CyprusGamer. There has been also cooperation with companies of electronic sports abroad which have been the sponsors of the events of the club, mostly in the part of eSports.

It is good to mention that in the past the club has been an important factor for the promotion of its members to the local and international contests of Computer Science. At around the same time, the club has been dealing with eSports for the ''gamer'' audience (LoL, CoD, FIFA, PES, etc). All of the above, comprise an old morphology of the club and have been reviewed at the highest degree, as it is mentioned above, having as a target the best and more accurate function of the club.

The club has also a large amount of both old and new technological equipment like Arduino models, Raspberry Pi models, desktop PCs/servers and many more that uses in different laboratories that are being organized at times with its members.

Join now and become a member of the club for the enrichment of your knowledge and CV and have a joyful and pleasant time!
'As a technological club, our duty is to stay fully updated for the any revolution/change that has been found in the general technological area. At the same time, we try to promote the non-formal education with more formal and efficient ways and means. Since the academic year 2014-2015, we have been having close friends and important collaborators for the club. Our biggest collaborator is the Cyprus Computer Society (CCS-, which after the essential actions can supply us with authorized certifications for our members. This of course, does not comprise only one pros for each member that participates in the club events, but also the authentication of the quality of knowledge that we offer to our members.' -Kyriakos Kyriakou, President of the Club

'Since the academic year 2015-2016, is the biggest organization for gamers in Cyprus and also and active factor in the area of eSports- has been added to our close friends and collaborators of the club. Together with them, we have managed to come in contact with companies abroad that have formally sponsored events relevant to the eSports.' -Kyriakos Kyriakou, President of the Club
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