The Art Club focuses on the expression and the qualitative preoccupation of its members, with various creative activities, promoting, thus, the expression and creativity, and the enhancement of imagination. Many people usually use the term 'art' to refer exclusively to the art of painting. Nevertheless, our club combines painting with hand makings, expeditions (museums, galleries), excursions, and also meetings with artists. At the workshops of the club, one can discover hidden talents of oneself, and also escape from the daily routine!
The topics of the art club are usually related to particular subjects, mainly contemporary, such as Christmas, Halloween, Carnival, and Easter. Moreover, at the same time, it combines its subjects with actions and events that take place at the University. For instance, the club organized a Chinese workshop in 2014, in the frame of promoting the Chinese culture, conducted by the Confucius Institute. Based on the promotion of different cultures and the multiculturalism, we are attempting to explore and promote customs and traditions of other countries and civilizations, with relevant topics at our workshops, such as the creation of dreamcatchers. Furthermore, various cooperations with other clubs, organizations, or meetings with people, who are related to Art, have been occurred, throughout the semesters.
The workshops of our club take place weekly, at the room of the club at the University. Some of the topics, which we have dealt with so far, are among others the following: dreamcatchers, decorations of bottles, beverage coasters, handmade cards, ornaments about contemporary themes (Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and Carnival), drawing on canvas, jewelries, ornaments, and candles. In addition, various expeditions have taken place (at 'Diachroniki Gallery'), and also workshops conducted by professional people (Chinese workshop – Chinese calligraphy; Sculpture and Pottery workshop). Moreover, the art club cooperated with other clubs (the Club of Orthodox and Greek tradition – An Evening of Music; Volunteers Club – creation of jewelries to be sold in a charitable bazaar), and with the University (decoration of the Christmas tree).
Additionally, cooperation was conducted with a professor of Statistics in order to promote the construction of an engraving room at the University. Furthermore, discussions about cooperation occur with the EKATE organization, regarding meetings with artists and visits to exhibitions.
The topics of our workshops, the places for our expeditions, and the people to cooperate with, are enriched each semester.
For constant information, regarding the events of the art club, visit our website on Facebook: