The long history of Cyprus is, inevitably, directly related to the sea. Paradoxically, however, the island's relationship with the sea is not well studied. In this respect, this project will examine sailing activity around Cyprus and the modules of contacts amongst the coastal centers of the island. By applying interdisciplinary approaches, the research will combine archaeological and historical material with Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in order to illustrate the maritime activity of the island. In terms of methodology, the study will combine a broad spectrum of evidence, which derive from the study of archaeological remains, written sources and cartography, along with information from ethno-archaeology and experimental archaeology.    2.1 2.3
The main objectives of the Programme can be summarized as follows:
  • Creation of a Database with all the collected data related to sailing around ancient Cyprus.

  • Archaeological analysis of the data and map the coastal and underwater sites with GIS.

  • Test and evaluate the generated models and assumptions via experimental archaeology, namely sailing with Kyrenia - Liberty ship and small sailing boats.
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