The Cyprus University of Technology (CUT)

The Department of Civil Engineering and Geomatics of the Cyprus University of Technology participates in this Programme with Dr. Dimitris Skarlatos who has established the Cyprus Centre for Remote Sensing and GIS Technology already involved in underwater projects. He is responsible for mapping and documentation of the Mazotos shipwreck and has participated in other underwater archaeological projects, undertaken by the Maritime Archaeological Research Lab (MARELab) of the University of Cyprus.

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Thetis Foundation
Thetis Foundation has been involved in underwater archaeological research in Cyprus since its establishment in 2002. It has supported surveys at the south-eastern coast was a co-organizer of the Mazotos shipwreck project.
The Kyrenia-Chrysocava Cultural Foundation
Kyrenia Chrysocava Cultural Foundation is a non-profit organisation. Its main purpose was initially to navigate the second replica of the ancient Kyrenia ship (Kyrenia Liberty) and at the same time to serve many scientific, academic, educational and cultural aspects. The Foundation has organised many experimental trips, the results of which are considered very important in the research of ancient navigation. Glafkos Cariolou (captain, one of authors of the final publication of the results of Kyrenia Shipwreck project and mayor of Kyrenia) and Giorgos Pafitis (captain) participate in this Programme.
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Nautilos Search and Rescue Team
Nautilos Search and Rescue (SAR) Team is a non-profit, non-government organisation which was established to protect and save lives. A second and equally important objective of the team is to promote activities related to the protection of the environment and maritime cultural heritage. In this capacity, many members of the Nautilos SAR Team have voluntarily participated in Mazotos Shipwreck Project, since 2007.