Message from the Research Committee Chairperson
Our University has as its main mission research, contribution to knowledge and teaching within the framework of academic freedom and free movement of ideas. Research is the basic strategic element for the University┬┤s continuous growth. Through the research activities of its academic community, the University of Cyprus, evolves, advances, innovates and enhances its reputation within both Cyprus and the European Union.
Despite of its little tradition and the greatly competitive context, the last few years, the University of Cyprus has managed to acquire important research funding mainly from external sources with the major contributor being the European Union. The quantity and quality of the research programs present stable and high indexes of growth which shows the efficiency and effectiveness/ validity of the research activities sustained at the University.
The University of Cyprus with its research activities provides job placements to various students and researchers, continuously upgrades its research infrastructure, and attracts reputable academics and researchers. In addition, the University strengthens its cooperation with other Universities and with the business world without giving up its academic independence.
The dissemination and social implementation of knowledge and innovation along with other factors, contribute so that the Cypriot community as well as the various communities of the world assert towards, advancement, general welfare and development. The University of Cyprus has a clear and established research policy. Within the framework of this policy the University will continue to have a leading role in research offering a wide spectrum of research programs and contributing actively and responsibly to the formation of the socio-economic scene.
Prof. Irene-Anna Diakidoy,
Vice Rector for Academic Affairs