In order to provide comprehensive information to the public, the students and to prospective students, as well as to the international academic community, the University of Cyprus produces a wide range of publications. The majority of those publications are produced and distributed by the Publications Office. These include the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Prospectuses (in Greek and English), the University's Annual Report, the Diary, information brochures and leaflets, and various other publications. The publications team oversees the publication process from the initial design/layout through the final printing and distribution. The publications team also manages the University website, and offers administrative support to the Editorial Policy Committee, as well as the Cyprus University Press Committee.
For more information visit the website for University Publications.
The University's input in the publishing activity was enhanced with the dynamic contribution of the Cyprus University Press. The objective of the Cyprus University Press is to support, promote and encourage the writing activity not only in Cyprus and in Greece, but internationally as well. The goal of the Cyprus University Press is to produce and promote publications of high standard and of high quality in the fields of science, art, culture and social awareness. These publications cover an array of topics including literature, poetry, philosophy, history, etc.