Research is undoubtedly useful, as it allows the discovery of conditions and factors that shape behaviors, attitudes and values. UCFS invests in the development and establishment of research as a decisive and vital tool that can provide significant knowledge and answers to critical questions.

UCFS provides comprehensive research services that include: methodological and sampling design, preparation and pilot testing of research tools (questionnaires, interview guides), selection, recruitment, education and training of Researchers and Supervisors, coordination and supervision of data collection and computer processing, coding, analysis and interpretation of research results.

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  • Researcher & Supervisor Team Preparation: UCFS gives special emphasis to the selection of personnel/students who will undertake tasks as Researchers and their Supervisors. UCFS collaborates with a large number of students in order to ensure that operations function as smoothly as possible and to respond to the needs and requirements of each project.
  • Researchers & Supervisors Training: For each project, training sessions are organized so that the team becomes familiar with the data collection tools and the specific requirements of each new project; this will strengthen the validity and reliability of the research project. Proper use of sampling standards and ethics, during all stages of the research, receives particular emphasis.
  • Data Collection: Each project is conducted under the guidance and supervision of the Centre. In order to comply with sampling rules and to avoid bias, special attention is given to the possibility of non-responses, refusals to participate in research as well as replacements.
  • Data Encoding: The encoding of the data is scheduled in the planning phase of the research and involves the conversion of all collected data in a form suitable for computer processing.
  • Analysis & Data Processing: The main goal during data processing and analysis is the efficient interpretation of the data. Thisis achieved through the use of specific statistical and qualitative analysis software packages available to the Centre.
  • Interpretation & Preparation of Research Report