UCFS’ vision is to become a connecting bridge between the scientific community and the society in general by providing evidence-based recommendations in a way that enhances the diffusion of scientific knowledge and  societal development in general.


UCFS’s mission is to invest in developing and establishing research as a tool that can provide important insights and answers to principal social issues and to facilitate the decision-making process through the provision of reliable empirical data.


UCFS’s  ambition is to contribute both socially and educationally:

  • Social Contribution of the Center:

           Provide job opportunities to students of UCY during their studies

           Provide work experience to students through their employment at the UCFS

  • Educational Contribution of the Center:

           Dissemination of Scientific Knowledge to the wider social community

           Provide specialised knowledge to students regarding the use of specific software and data analysis programs

           Provide working experience to students relevant to  methodology courses and the conduct of research



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