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The "Lito Papachristoforou" preschool and the University of Cyprus Nursery school started operating in September 2011. Even though it appears to be a single building on the outdoors, in fact it consists of two buildings which are connected internally. The contemporary facilities and the school equipment offer children a happy and safe environment.
The school principal's office is located at the entrance of the nursery school. Anyone can contact the school principal, Ms. Nasia Charalambous for more information relating to operating hours, staff, schedule, registrations for the new school year, etc.
The Nursery school comprises of three groups, which host a total of 28 infants: two groups of infants aged under 2 years old (from 4 months to 24 months) and a group of infants aged 2-3 years old. 
Green class (under 2 years old) Red class (under 2 years old) Yellow class (2-3 years old)
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There is a common space between the three classes, which is arranged monthly offering a variety of stimuli, enhancing the all-round development of all infants. Also, the nursery school has a separate child care area for diaper change and toilets.
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Each class has its own toilets inside the classroom space. All three classes are functioning:

                              Blue class (3-4 years old)  

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                               Red class (4-5 years old)       

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                                Yellow class (preschool) 

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Additionally, the preschool has separate material storage spaces, instrument storage, and common area between the three classrooms.                                                                                                                                

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secondary art room dining room

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library and staff room photocopy room toilet for people with disabilities


Both the Preschool, as well as the Nursery School have separate kitchens, which connect the two buildings internally. 

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However, the two buildings are connected internally through the two outdoor areas they offer, which have a special security floor for children and infants and outdoor toys based on the age of the children that visit them daily.

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Finally, the Nursery School and the “Lito Papachristoforou” Preschool have their own, unified parking area, to which only the children’s parents and school staff have access. 

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