Neurology belongs to the Medical School of the University of Cyprus and is a newly established clinical, teaching, and research unit devoted to improving the understanding and treatment of diseases of the nervous system. It consists of two divisions, the Clinical Unit and the Research Unit.
The Clinical Unit was founded in 2018 and operates with an active clinical program at the Nicosia General Hospital in Nicosia. It is the first Neurology Clinic and the first University Clinic in Cyprus. Neurology Clinic has a dedicated and enthusiastic team of academic and state neurologists committed to excellence in education and clinical care. The Clinical Unit has 3 important missions:
- The Establishment of clinical facilities where compassionate, state-of-the-art clinical care of the highest quality for individuals with diseases of the nervous system will be provided.
- The Excellence in Clinical Education: Training of medical students and practicing physicians with the goal of creating leader physicians in neurology 
- The Advancement of knowledge about neurological diseases via clinical research programs using the most advanced methods to study the nervous system.
The Research Team was founded in 2019 and is situated on the Shacolas Educational Centre for Clinical Medicine in Aglantzia, Nicosia. The program unites researchers with diverse areas of neurological expertise and conducts translational and clinical research on a wide spectrum of neurological condition mainly on polyneuropathies and peripheral neuropathic pain, Parkinon's disease and other neurodegenerative diseases, disorders of sleep and wakefulness and neuroinflammatory diseases with the aim to promote preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic advances.
Our research activities will benefit from existing relationships between scientists from different fields at the University of Cyprus including medicine, neuroscience, bioengineering and informatics pursuing collaborative university research. In addition, the Unit fosters pioneering collaborations with leading international research institutions mainly in Switzerland (Bern), UK (Sheffield) and Greece (Athens and Larissa). Moreover, CNRU has formalized collaborations and alliances with non-university research Institutes in Cyprus, including the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics (CING) in Nicosia, an internationally recognized Centre of Excellence, to share resources and educational activities, improve research protocols and promote scientific exchange between different fields of neurological research.
Such synergies will advance our mission of fostering innovative, cross-disciplinary clinical research about neurological disorders in Cyprus.