Master in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering|Master in Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology
Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering|Doctor of Philosophy in Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology
Interdepartmental Postgraduate Programme:''Energy Technologies and Sustainable Design''

 Description of the PhD program in MME

The Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering offers a high-quality graduate program both at the Master and PhD level. Similar to the Master program the PhD program emphasizes fundamental principles that prepare students for leadership roles in a challenging and rapidly changing technological world. Research and innovation are encouraged in an environment that fosters cooperation among faculty, students, industry, and research organizations. The faculty in the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering is composed of experienced and distinguished academicians with expertise in a wide range of research fields pertinent to Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. Doctoral students have the opportunity to participate in research projects funded by the European Union, the Cypriot government and industrial partners. They also have the opportunity to obtain teaching experience working as teaching assistants for undergraduate courses. Full and part time, 3-year fellowships are provided by the University every year to the best new comer graduate students. 

The three general research areas in the Department are:

  • Energy Systems,
  • Manufacturing and
  • Biomedical Engineering.

The duration of the program is 4 to 5 years and involves courses (72 ECTS, 9 courses) and research (168 ECTS) work. The students are specialized in one of the research areas of the Department with the aim to create proper conditions for a successful professional career in the public or private sector, in industry or in research organizations. 

The suggested program of study is summarized in the Table


Postgraduate Curriculum Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Course code-name


  Course code-name ECTS
MMΕ 541        Manufacturing Process Automations  8 MME 524        Modelling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems  8
MMΕ 518        Theory and applications of incompressible Newtonian and non-Newtonian Fluids  8 MMΕ 512        Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics          8
MMΕ 531        Continuum Mechanics  8 MMΕ 551        Nonlinear Mechanics of Solids and Structures   8
MME 805        Thesis Research Ι   6 MME 806        Thesis Research ΙΙ  6
                                                                                                   Total 30                                                                                                 Total  30
MMΕ 523        Signal Process 8 MME 830        Thesis Research IV.a 10
ΜΜE ...           Technical Elective Course 8 MME 831        Thesis Research IV.b 10
ΜΜE ...           Technical Elective Course 8 MME 832        Thesis Research IV.c 10
MME 807        Thesis Research ΙΙΙ   6    
                                                                                                   Total 30                                                                                                     Total 30
ΜΜE 820        Thesis Research V.a 10 ΜΜE 823        Thesis Research V.a 10
ΜΜE 821        Thesis Research V.b 10 MME 824        Thesis Research V.b 10
MME 822        Thesis Research V.c 10 MME 825        Thesis Research V.c 10
Total 30 Total 30
MME 826        Thesis Research VII.a 10 MME 828        Thesis Research VIII.a 10
MME 827        Thesis Research VII.b 10 MME 829        Thesis Research VIII.b 10
MME 809        Thesis Writing Ι  10 MME 810        Thesis Writing ΙΙ  10
Total 30 Total  30

The students can register to a Technical Elective course from the elective courses offered by the program, or the courses offered by other graduate programs of the department or the University.

The Technical Elective Courses offered by the program are:

Elective Courses
Course Code                          
Course name                           
MMΕ 516 Renewable energy technology
MMΕ 517 Solar energy systems
ΜΜE 525 Analysis and control of robotic and autonomous systems
MME 532 Biomaterials in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine   8
ΜΜE 533 Biomedical and Industrial Applications of Engineering Acoustics   8
MME 535 Medical Imaging - Diagnostic Ultrasound   8
Other Elective Courses offered
by the Department
Course Code
Course name ECTS
MME 507 Technical Writing and Speaking   8
MME 539 Nonlinear Mechanics & Modelling of Solids   8
MME 553 Surface Engineering   8
MME 554 Characterization Techniques of Bulk and Nano-Materials   8
MME 555 Polymers in Medical Applications   8
MME 557 Polymer Nanocomposites   8
MME 558 Fundamentals of Ceramics I   8
MME 559 Fundamentals of Ceramics II   8
MME 562 Semiconductor Processing Technology   8
MME 563 Materials Physics   8
MME 564 Nanomechanics   8
MME 565 Physical Principles, Design and Fabrication of MEMS   8
MME 566 Advanced Semiconductor Materials and Nanodevices   8
MME 567 Materials for Energy Production, Storage and Conversion   8

For information regarding the studies, please contact the program coordinator, Dr. Triantafyllos Stylianopoulos at +357 2289 2238

For information about the application and deadlines to apply, please contact the secretary of the Department, Ms. Loucia Christodoulou at +357-22892280