A 5-Part Honor Frost Foundation podcast series told by award-winning historian and author, Professor Bettany Hughes and our Maritime Archaeological Director, Dr Lucy Blue

Technological change over the last few decades has dynamically altered the way we are able to detect, access and document the remains of our past that lie beneath the waves. The DIVE & DIG podcast will take you on an underwater adventure of discovery, richer and deeper than you might have imagined possible. Join Bettany Hughes and Lucy Blue to explore the exciting worlds underwater archaeologists inhabit and the range of tools they use to investigate the watery past. They invite you into the hidden world of our shared, ancient past, thanks to maritime archaeologists, forensic scientists and groundbreaking technologies.

DIVE & DIG will explore these transformational tools used to discover, record and excavate shipwrecks and explore ancient ports – from the pioneering work of Honor Frost and her discoveries of ancient harbours, stone anchors and Punic warships – to deeper waters. Today, archaeologists are exploring even deeper. Lying at 110m beneath the sea off the island of Gozo, Malta, we join Dr Gambin and his team excavating a Phoenician shipwreck. And, as Robert Ballard, discoverer of the Titanic tells us; we can now reach depths formerly only dreamed of, as he pushes science to encourage technological advances.