Welcome to the Website for International Students!
We are delighted that you are considering joining us for your studies. The University of Cyprus, although newly established, as it has accepted its first students in 1992, has managed to become the leading educational institution in Cyprus. At the same time, it is internationally acknowledged for its strive for excellence both in teaching and research.

The University of Cyprus is developed to support a multicultural student body. It has been actively participating in the EU ERASMUS Programme since 1998-99, as well as in other exchange programmes. The University has developed an international profile in teaching and research, with its priorities geared towards creativity and innovation.

The island of Cyprus is famous for its coastlines and blue, crystal clear water beaches and for its picturesque mountain range of Troodos; all of which are only around an hour's journey from Nicosia. The capital, Nicosia, located at the centre of the island, combines the old with the new. The old city is enclosed by the well preserved 16th century Venetian Walls while the modern part of Nicosia offers a vibrant city life. Studying in Cyprus can be a fascinating experience.