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Προσωπικό Προφίλ


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Since september 2020 I am an ONISILOS post-doctoral fellow at the Archaeological Research Unit of the University of Cyprus.

I investigate social structures in the past through the analysis of the construction and use of domestic space. I specialize in techniques from digital archaeology (3D GIS, spatial analysis) and geoarchaeology (micromorphology). My PhD was on reconstructing activities at the LBA settlement at Tell Sabi Abyad, Syria, part of the ERC project Consolidating Empire ( Afterwards I held a post-doc position in the SETinSTONE research project (, and I held a teaching position teaching in the BA and MA Archaeology at Leiden University. 

As a ONISILOS fellow at the Archaeological Research Unit of the University of Cyprus, I use micromorphology to investigate changes in building technology in relation to societal change in Chalcolithic Cyprus. I focus mainly on buildings from the excavation at Chlorakas-Palloures, of which I am field director (



My chief research interest lies in the interplay between material culture and social action in the past. How changing social structures were reproduced in the design and use of artefacts, architecture, and settlements. And how we can reconstruct this, explaining patterns in archaeological remains as social negotiations in the deep past. I investigate this mostly in the realm of the household, where material reflections of economic and social change are cogent of how large scale processes most pertinently affected 'ordinary' people in their daily life.

I am particularly excited by the contributions of geoarchaeology and archaeobotany to the field of household archaeology. (Geo)chemical, micromorphological and botanical studies can reveal otherwise invisible patterns within buildings and settlements. For my own research I employ micromorphological analysis of house floors, occupation deposits and architectural elements to understand how these were produced and used. 

I am also interested in the role of digital applications in the development of integrated documentation, analysis and presentation techniques, particulartly in 3D GIS environments. In this field I focus mostly on 3D spatial analysis of archaeological assemblages.

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