The Administration Section supports the Rector, Vice-Rectors and the Director of Administration and Finance especially in subjects such as: strategic planning and development, quality assurance, surveys preparation, and administrative support to the Council, Senate, and Rector's Council.
The Administration Section coordinates the following offices:
Through its offices the Administration Section coordinates and supports:
  1. The design, monitoring and implementation of the Strategic Development Plan of the University of Cyprus
  2. The establishment of new faculties, departments, services, companies and foundations
  3. The development/ re- engineering of the administrative services
  4. The development and application of a productivity improvement system and specifically the introduction, monitoring and evaluation of key performance indicators
  5. The implementation of Total Quality Management and other Quality Models (like EFQM)
  6. Benchmarking with other Universities
  7. The promotion and development of the legal framework of the University
  8. Administrative support to the:
  • Council
  • Senate
  • Rector's Council
  • Council Executive Committee
  • Committee of the Administrative Services Heads
  • Planning and Development Committee
  • and other University related committees.