The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) is one of the four departments of the School of Engineering at the University of Cyprus. The Department provides high quality degree programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. These programs emphasize fundamental principles that prepare young engineers to meet society's needs in a rapidly changing environment. They undertake investigation, research, planning and design in an academic environment that is based on cooperation between faculty, students, industry, research and professional organizations. The students study in a dynamic environment and have the opportunity to work with and learn from research teams at the forefront of knowledge. geninfimg

The CEE Department offers the following degrees:

  • BSc in Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • MEng and MSc in Civil Engineering
  • MEng and MSc in Environmental Engineering
  • MEng and MSc in Sustainable Design and Energy Technologies (inter-departmental program)
  • PhD in Civil Engineering
  • PhD in Environmental Engineering

Civil and environmental engineering plays a significant role in shaping a sustainable future. It deals with the analysis, design, construction, management and maintenance of the infrastructure on which society relies. In addition to the buildings in which we live and work, society depends on civil and environmental engineers for providing clean water, energy, transport, waste management and to protect the natural environment.

There are professional opportunities for civil and environmental engineers in both private practice and public services. Graduates may pursue careers in design, construction, maintenance, management or research and development. For example, in urban or developing population areas and industrial centers, civil and environmental engineers serve the public as planners, designers, and supervisors of transportation systems, water resources projects, pollution control facilities, private and public utility enterprises.