In recent times, in modern societies an unprecedented priority and growth of academic buildings and the natural environment of Universities is being observed.
The aesthetics of structures which compose the academic space, the variety of spaces for socialising and informal education, up-to-date technical infrastructure, effective energy approaches, established processes of safety, operation and maintenance, all constitute additional parameters of attraction for academics and students.
The Technical Services (TS) and the Campus Development Office (CDO); the entities responsible for the planning and implementation of the building development program of the University of Cyprus, target to operate within the above framework.
Our vision is through efficient and effective management of resources to create, a green, functional and fully equipped crater of cognitive activities, which will strengthen the declared objective of the University of Cyprus to be rendered a pioneering educational institution in the Mediterranean, with active participation in the local society.
In the mist of economic crisis the pace of the overall development of the building facilities of the University and the planning of specific projects have been revised and been slowed down but the objectives remain to be fulfilled in the near future.
Agis Elisseos
Head of Technical Services
Director of Campus Development Office
Tel: 2289 4200/03
Fax: 2289.4464
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