Welcome to the website of the Department of Social and Political Sciences (SPS).

The basic aim of the Department is to conduct teaching and research in the disciplines of Sociology and Political Science, and the sensitization of the wider society on specific issues that we have knowledge through our scientific research and friction. For this purpose, there is constant interaction between theory, practice, research and teaching.

SPS is a vibrant and creative community. It comprises eleven members of teaching-research staff, and employs two visiting academics, thirteen special scientists and a number of research associates. Specifically in the Departmentwe:
  • Coordinateseven courses that are popular both at undergraduate and graduate level.
  • Participate in european inter-university teaching programmes and organizean international Summer School.
  • Carryout and publish qualitative and quantitative research of international standards in various fields .
  • Establishcollaborative networks at european and international level, and participate in international conferences and research partnerships, including projects with external funding.
  • Support the dissemination of knowledge in the wider society, by creating a forum for dialogue and policy reform in Cyprus, and internationally through the diffusion of scientific expertise and advice.
If you are interested in joining our teaching programmes, please check our website and if you have any questions please contact the Departmental Office and/or the Coordinators of the various programmes.
If you are interested in teaching in the Department, please note that we announce each year (usually in January or February) a call for expressions of interest. These part-time positions are allocated following collective evaluation by the Departmental Council on the basis of pre-announced criteria (spec. teaching needs, academic excellence and teaching experience).
If you are a postdoctoral researcher who wants to collaborate with us, especially regarding the preparation of proposals for external funding, please review the research interests of the members of the Department, and contact them directly by sending a short CV and explaining (a) your proposal and (b) how they can get involved.
If you are an organization that wants to collaborate with us, please contact initially the Departmental Office, explaining (a) who you are, (b) how we could work together, and (c) which faculty members you think they might be interested, so as to forwardthem your proposal.
If you are simply interested in social and political issues, if you wish, leave your name and email address here and we will inform you periodically about our events.
Thank you for your interest and your online visit.
Antonis Ellinas,
Head of Department