The Department of Social and Political Sciences aims at promoting research and knowledge in the fields of Sociology and Political Science. It also aims at raising awareness and sensitivity among the public at large on sociopolitical issues. Emphasis is placed on the creative interaction between theory, research and teaching.


Sociology is the science that analyses, causally and interpretively, the social aspects of human existence. Social action and, more generally, the social construction of reality are examined in the context of particular social formations, such as class, the family, ethnic and religious group. The sociologist focuses upon the processes of production, reproduction and evolution of society's fundamental structures and institutions. Sociology, more than any other science, studies the behavioral and ideological changes associated with the passing of traditional society. A more perceptive and critical understanding of modernity constitutes the sociologist's basic aim. The students of the program are familiarized with sociological theory, methodology and the main research areas, acquiring skills that will enable them to achieve a systematic understanding of contemporary Cypriot society, as well as to compare it with other societies, modern or historical.

Political Science

Political Science aims at the systematic study of political phenomena. It focuses on the concept of power and its concrete manifestations, especially in the context of social change and political development. Political scientists study the sources, instruments and scope of power, political institutions, political culture and ideologies. They are also concerned with the objective study and critical examination of human behavior as well as the processes shaping the dynamics of the political system. The research methods, levels of analysis and theoretical approaches used by political scientists enable them to seek a better understanding of political processes at both the domestic and the international level. Courses in the field aim at familiarizing the student with the subject matter and the analytical tools used for the study of politics.