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Technical Reports 2005

· TR–01-2005 Bernard Bialecki, Andreas Karageorghis, A Nonoverlapping Domain Decomposition Method for Legendre Spectral Collocation Problems.

· TR–02-2005 Alex Karagrigoriou, Sampling and surveying: Cyprus. PDF FILE

· TR–03-2005 Maria Chatzimina, Georgios C. Georgiou, Evan Mitsoulis, Cessation of Couette and Poiseuille flows of a Bingham plastic and finite stopping times.PDF FILE

· TR–4-2005 N. S. Stylianopoulos, A. Hadjidimos, Optimal semi-iterative methods for complex SOR with results from potential theory.

· TR–5–2005 Yiorgos – Sokratis Smyrlis, The method of fundamental solutions: A weighted least-squares approach.PDF FILE

· TR–6–2005 Christos Xenophontos, Miltiades Elliotis, Georgios Georgiou, A Singular Function Boundary Integral Method for Elliptic Problems with Singularities. PDF FILE

· TR-7-2005 Georgios Georgiou, Eleni Taliadorou, Two-dimensional simulations of the effect of the reservoir region on the pressure oscillations observed in the stick-slip instability regime.PDF FILE

· TR-8-2005 Marianna Pensky, Theophanis Sapatinas, Frequentist Optimality of Bayes Factor Estimators in Wavelet Regression Models.

· TR-9-2005 A. Karageorghis, J.R. Berger, Stress Intensity factor computation using the method of fundamental solutions: mixed–mode problems.PDF FILE

· TR-10-2005 K. Fokianos, Density Ratio Model Selection.

· TR-11-2005 K. Fokianos, James F. Troendle, The Density Ratio Model and the Nonparametric Behrens Fisher Problem.

· TR–12-2005 G. Afendras, N. Papadatos, V.Papathanasiou, The discrete Mohr and Noil inequality with applications to variable bounds.PDF FILE

· TR–13-2005 N. Papadatos, Linear Estimation of Location and Scale Parameters using Partial Maxima.PDF FILE

· TR–14-2005 Roman Tankelevich, Graeme Fairweather, Andreas Karageorghis, Yiorgos-Sokratis Smyrlis, Potential Field Based Geometric Modeling Using the Method of Fundamental Solutions.PDF FILE

· TR-15-2005 Korbinian Strimmer, Konstantinos Fokianos, Semiparametric Analysis of Case – Control Gene Expression Data by Penalized Density Ratio Model.

· TR–16-2005 Efstathios Paparoditis, Michael H. Neumann, Goodness – of – Fit Tests for Markovian Time Series Models.

· TR – 17-2005 A. Karageorghis,Y-S. Smyrlis, Th. Tsangaris, A matrix decomposition MFS algorithm for certain linear elasticity problems.

· TR – 18-2005, Theofanis Sapatinas, Natalia Bochkina, On Pointwise Optimality of Bayes Factor Wavelet Regression Estimators.