A serie of lectures on "The people behind the judicial decisions". Organized by the Department of Social and Political Sciences and the Department of Law. Coordinators: A. Constantinides, Κ. Agapiou-Iosifidou
       11/03/2014: Meletis Apostolides
       14/10/2013: Titina Loizidou
Public Lecture: "The protection of geographical indications in the EU" Coordinator: Τ. Synodinou, Mars 19. 
Dimodia lecture entitled: "The Ukraine Crisis: Αn International Law Perspective". Coordinator : Α. Constantinides (together with C. Constantinou), Mars 12 
Public lecture: "The Fight Against Tax Crimes from an International and a Swiss Perspective", University of Cyprus, Nicosia (Professor Andreas Ziegler, University of Lausanne).Coordinator : A. Constantinides, February 5.
Public lecture: "Good administration, accountability, rule of law: The role of the Ombudsman", University of Cyprus, Nicosia (Professor Ν. Diamantouros, Ombudsman). Organizer: A. Constantinides - Coordinator: C. Combos, September 18.
Public lecture: "Τhe Argentine Crisis Before Investment Tribunals", University of Cyprus, Nicosia (Christina Binder, University of Vienna). Coordinator : A.. Constantinides, February 21.
Public lecture: "The International Criminal Court and Occupied Territories", University of Cyprus, Nicosia (Professor William Schabas). Coordinator : A. Constantinides, September 30.
Inaugural lecture: "The big dilemmas of private international law", University of Cyprus, Nicosia, with Prof. S. Symeonides, 10 October.
Lecture Series of the Department of Law in cooperation with the Nicosia Bar Association 2007-2008