The Department of Education currently offers eight postgraduate programmes leading to Master and Doctoral degrees in the following areas:

    1. Educational Administration and Evaluation (Master's and Doctoral degree)
    2. Curriculum Studies, Teahing and Comparative Education (Master's and Doctoral degree)
    3. Pedagogical Sciences (Master's and Doctoral degree)
    4. Mathematics Education (Master's and Doctoral degree)
    5. Learning in Natural Sciences (Master's and Doctoral degree)
    6. Didactics and Methodology of Mathematics (Master's degree)
    7. Special and Inclusive Education (Master's and Doctoral degree)
    8. Language Pedagory (Master's degree)
    9. Language and Education (Doctoral degree)
    10. Inter-departmental nad Inter-desciplinary Self-financed Programme in Gender Studies (Master's and Doctoral degree)

For further information please visit the postgratuate prospectus

It is expected that the gradual increase in faculty and administrative personnel will allow additional programmes to be offered, so that a broader spectrum of disciplines in education can be covered.

The programmes are supervised by the Coordinator of Postgraduate Programmes (CCP) of the Department who is appointed by the Chairperson of the Department. The Coordinator chairs a three-number committee, the members of which are also appointed by the Chairperson.