Some of the first- and second-year courses are open as electives to students from other departments. These courses are the following:
  • CHE 111 Analytical Chemistry I (6 ECTS)
  • CHE 121 Introductory Chemistry (6 ECTS)
  • CHE 131 Organic Chemistry I (6 ECTS)
Two courses are offered to the students of the Department of Biological Sciences:
  • Organic Chemistry for Students of Biology (CHE031)
  • Organic Chemistry Lab for Students of Biology (CHEM030)
The following course is offered to both the students of the Departments of Biological Sciences and Physics.
  • CHE 021 Introductory Chemistry (for Biologists and Physicists)
The following course is offered to students of Medical School:
  • CHE 022 Introductory Chemistry for Medicine
With the expected increase of academic personnel over the next few years, the Department of Chemistry will certainly offer more courses to students of other departments in the future.