The minor degree in Chemistry is offered to those students in other Departments of the University of Cyprus who are interested in pursuing academic studies in chemistry. For the academic year 2010-2011 the Department offered its original minor degree, which was
designed to operate in parallel with the original Chemistry programme.
The Minor in Chemistry contains both Mandatory and Elective Courses. Mandatory Courses ensure that the students enrolling in this programme will obtain a broad view of modern Chemistry, including all its major fields. Elective Courses enable students to focus on the topics that they prefer. The minor degree comprises four different groups of courses:
Group A: 3 Theoretical Courses at level 1. Students must elect 3 of the 5 theoretical Chemistry courses with codes 1xy (x,y are the numbers 0-9).
Group B: 2 Laboratory Courses. Students must elect 2 laboratory courses, one with code 1x0 and one with code 2x0 or 3x0. The lab codes must correspond to the elected theoretical courses of group A, to ensure compatability between the laboratory courses and the theoretical courses.
Group C: 3 Theoretical Courses at level 2 or 3. The students elect 3 additional theoretical courses compatible to those of group A, with codes 2xy or 3xy. Courses are considered compatible when they have the same middle number x.
Group D: 2 Electives. Students elect 2-3 additional Chemistry courses, which may be: (a) 4th year Elective Courses or Mandatory Courses with codes 4xy, after obtaining the permission of the teaching staff. (b) Additional courses from Group A (codes 1xy). (c) Additional Laboratory Courses from Group B (codes 2x0 or 3x0). (d) Additional courses from Group C, provided they are compatible with the rest (codes 2xy or 3xy).