A graduate student is awarded by the Department of Architecture the Diploma of Architect-Engineer degree after successfully completing the required course of study, as described in detail below.

The minimum duration of the Diploma of Architect-Engineer program for full-time students is 2 semesters. The maximum duration allowed for completion of the graduate Diploma degree is set by the university regulations.


Admission to the Program of Studies

Applicants to the program of studies leading to the Diploma of Architect-Engineer must possess the equivalent of a Bachelors degree (B.Sc.) in Architecture from the University of Cyprus or an accredited University.

The candidates must submit a formal application to the Department of Architecture, completed with information about the applicant and other documentation as evidence of the applicant's academic qualifications. The application must be submitted within the announced time limits by the University.

The applications of candidates that have already acquired the Bachelors degree (B.Sc.) in Architecture from the University of Cyprus, no longer than one year before, are approved without evaluation. In all other cases the applications are evaluated by the graduate admissions committee of the Department of Architecture which makes suggestions to the Council of the Department for final approval of the selected candidates. The applicants to the Diploma of Architect-Engineer program are selected according to the following criteria:

The Department of Architecture reserves its right to fill less than the announced graduate student positions for the Diploma of Architect-Engineer.